UserLeap Event & Attribute Diagnostics

At this point, you've most likely read the UserLeap Getting Started Guide and are in the process of adding events or attributes to UserLeap.

Adding events to UserLeap is a requirement prior to launching a web/mobile survey live to your audience


UserLeap supports the following ways to add events: 

  1. Programmatic Event 
  2. Page URL Event (for web only)
  3. Interactive Events (for web only)
  4. Segment Integration
  5. UserLeap Public API
  6. mParticle (coming soon)


Event Diagnostics

Great, so now that you've added an event, how do you verify if it's working?


UserLeap provides full event & attribute diagnostics in the tool. The first place to look is your events page. The video below explains how it works, as well as how to check. 

  • Green  = the event is successfully tracked
  • Grey = the event is either not added correctly, or has been turned off from the client-side



The other place you can find this information is in the survey design workflow. Under the Audience Tab (see below) 



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