Upload a CSV

Send email surveys to a list or identify a specific group of users in the product

UserLeap allows you to upload information about users via CSV. There are two use cases for this feature:

  1. Upload a list of email addresses and send a survey directly to those email addresses
  2. Identify a subset of users to target with an in-product survey

Here's how to do it:

1. Create a CSV spreadsheet  

You can use this template, or create your own. 

Your spreadsheet should include:

  • [Required for email surveys only] A column labeled "email" that contains users' email addresses (label must match exactly and is case sensitive).  
  • [Required for in-product surveys only] A column labeled "user_id". This is how UserLeap will connect the data you are uploading to individual users being tracked in UserLeap. This column must be labeled exactly as shown (case sensitive) and the values must match exactly the user_id values you are passing as part of your UserLeap integration (i.e., if you are passing hashed user_ids, then the same hashed values should be used here).
  • A column labeled "list_name". For this column, every record you want to send a particular survey to should have the same value, so we recommend making that value the name of your survey. For example, if you’re sending a survey to recently churned users, you may want to give every record the value of “Churn survey, September” in the list_name column.
  • [optional] Columns with other data you'd like to track on these users. Any additional data you pass through can be used to analyze your survey.

2. Upload your spreadsheet to UserLeap

Go to app.userleap.com/connect, navigate to Upload a Spreadsheet and click 'Upload File.' Your data will be uploaded immediately. Once your data is uploaded, the fields you added will be available as targeting options in the survey creation flow.

3. Create your survey

Go to app.userleap.com/templates and you can either start from scratch or from a template. Edit your survey questions as you'd like, then move on to the Audience screen. 

4. Choose your audience

On the Audience screen, you can find your user group by selecting list_name (for email surveys), or the column name of the attributes you uploaded, from the dropdown under Filters.

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 7.20.25 PM

For in-product surveys, you can now launch surveys as you normally would. For email surveys, there is an additional required step, below.

5. [For email surveys only] Launch by using 'Send Immediately'

Once you've finished your survey targeting, open the Total Responses dropdown and choose 'Send immediately.'  

Screen Shot 2020-12-01 at 7.21.10 PM

You're all set! Once you click 'Launch Survey,' your emails will be delivered to your list.