The Settings Page

Control user management, product billing, upload a logo, and more!

The Settings Page

The Settings Page is easy to find and is located just below the "New Survey" button in the left-hand navigation. 


In settings, you are able to:

1) Set your product configurations

2) Add/remove team members

3) Manage usage & billing

4) Toggle email notifications 


Set your Product Configurations

In your product configurations, you'll want to change the following:



  • Update your Logo: your logo can be found on any UserLeap email or link-based survey. We support the following file types, JPEG and PNG. 
  • Change your Modal Color: you can customize the modal outlines by updating your brand color on the settings page. To do so, please input any valid hex code. If you need help picking a color, here's some guidance

On this screen you'll also find: 


  • UserLeap Environment Keys: by default you are provided with two environment keys, one for production and the other for development. These keys are needed for install and are unique to your account. These are NOT to be confused with your API Keys
  • UserLeap API Keys: UserLeap API keys are used to access (1) our public API (2) for third party integrations, like Segment

Add/Remove Team Members

Adding team members to UserLeap can be done from the team pane, within settings.


You can add as many colleagues as needed, UserLeap does not charge for additional seats. To add a team member, click on the "Add Member" button (shown above) and input their information (see below)

UserLeap offers four distinct permissions for users which allow you to control their level of access to the platform. Ranked by permission level, we have admins, editors, developers, and viewers. 

Manage Usage & Billing

Adding/changing payment information is delegated to admins, and only applies to accounts that are on a month to month payment plan.

On this page you'll also be able to track your plan type, the number of unique visitors tracked this month, the number of surveys launched this month, as well as your account turnover date. 

Toggle Email Notifications 

If enabled, UserLeap will send weekly insight emails, notifications for surveys being launched, and notifications for when a survey is completed.