How to Create an Embedded Shareable Link Survey, in UserLeap

Embed UserLeap Surveys in an Email or Newsletter

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Getting started with UserLeap is relatively simple and easy to do. In fact, we even give you an extensive template gallery filled with more than 75 examples for you to consider.

Before you get to designing your survey, you must first configure the platform you wish to run it on (see below)

  • Web
  • Email
  • Mobile
  • Shareable Link

One of the advantages of a Shareable Link survey is that you can actually embed the very first question in the body of the email itself. Doing so 1) provides a better user experience 2) increases the average response rate.

If you're considering collecting feedback via email or newsletter, and want to add some personal customization, read on to see how you can better utilize UserLeap to automate that effort on your behalf.

note, you can also send out an email survey but will not have the ability to dictate the question embed - hence Shareable Link

⚠️Customizing embeds is only possible for Likert Scale (1-5 rating) or Multiple Choice - Single Select type questions. 

Step 1: Pick a survey template, or start from scratch 

For this example, we will use the Evaluate the User Experience survey template which is located in our product template gallery

Step 2: Chose the shareable link option, as shown above 

Step 3: Design and Launch your Survey 

For this to work, question 1 will need to be either a Likert Scale or a Multiple Choice - Single Select question type. The example below covers a Likert Scale question type, but[ ]


Step 4: Navigate to your Live Survey Link

Your Live Survey Link can be found on the Survey Responses page, near the top. In order to embed question one into our email/newsletter, we'll need to make some quick modifications to this survey link

Click into the "See Live Survey" and copy that URL to your computer's clipboard

Here's our example URL: 


Step 5: Make modifications to the URL 

  • Likert Scale: 

Live Survey Link (from above):

Copy and paste the URL into your newsletter, make the modifications as listed below

    • "?r=1" (option 1)
    • "?r=2" (option 2) 
    • "?r=3" (option 3)
    • "?r=4" (option 4)
    • "?r=5" (option 5) 

Multiple Choice - Single Select

Live Survey Link (from above):

First, we'll need to add a Multiple Choice - Single Select question type to our survey and reposition it so that it's now the first question

For Multiple Choice - Single Select the URL modification is 'similar' but instead you enter in the EXACT phrase that corresponds to each of the options

In this survey, the three URLs would be: 
    • If the response contains the following punctuation, do not copy over to the modified URL: 

Do Not Include: commas, apostrophes, periods

    • Any spaces should be replaced with an underscore 
    • Question marks should be kept in place 
    • Make sure all responses are converted to lower case





Step 6: Determine what element you plan to hyperlink - common examples are text, images, or emojis 

Likert Scale: In this example, we decided to use emojis 


Multiple Choice - Single Select: If you have access to an email marketing tool (like Mailchimp) it might make sense to create your own custom buttons, or something similar. 

Here's a test to see if it's working as intended