Add Your Company Logo and Brand Color

Make sure your surveys match your brand

So you just signed up for UserLeap and you are ready to start making your surveys look on brand. Follow these short, simple steps to make your surveys look seamlessly integrated with your company!

1. Navigate to the Settings Tab

In the left side bar, click on "Settings". The first page that opens is "Configure" and this is where you will find the ability to upload your logo and brand color.

2. Upload Your Logo

In the Logo section, click "Upload a Logo". In the modal that pops up, you can drag and drop an image or upload one directly. Your logo should be in PNG or JPG format, and should be at least 240px wide. Once the image has finished uploading and is saved, your logo is ready to be displayed!

3. Add Your Brand Colors

In the Microsurvey Style section, add the HEX code that aligns with your brand and hit save.

Your brand color will now be displayed on your surveys!

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